Use cases

This page presents a few concrete examples for you to what Ryax is capable of, but keep in mind that it only catches a glimpse of all the potential use-cases Ryax can cover! New Triggers and Actions can be added to further extend Ryax’s abilities.

PoC and MVP

With Ryax you can develop apps quickly, it is well suited to create Proof-of-Concepts (PoC) and Most-Valuable-Products (MVP). Use already existing Actions and Triggers, develop a few specific ones for your project and you are able to setup a working piece of software.

Creating API-first backends

Without any knowledge in web server, hosting, or HTTP request handling, you can create with Ryax API-first backends. By leveraging the “API endpoint” trigger, create workflows that are HTTP endpoints.

Automate daily tasks

At its core, Ryax is a powerful workflow automation tool. Thus, you can create automation to speed up your daily tasks!

Data Industrialization

Ryax can be used to operate complex event-driven streaming data flows, commonly used in Industrial IoT or other Manufacturing 4.0 applications.

Popular use-cases usually involve collecting data from various machine sensors in real time, clean it, filter it, inject it in a processing algorithm, and output valuable results as quickly as possible.

Predictive workflows are widely used in industrial contexts to anticipate machine failures, production peaks or plan maintenances.

industrial workflow

This use-case consists in collecting real-time data from two different sensors using the (widely-used in IoT) MQTT protocol.

Since these sensors emit bursting data at different frequencies, assembling their information streams together can be a real challenge. Several complex stream operators come natively built-in the Ryax platform for this very purpose: here we made use of the “with latest from” advanced stream operator which allows us to merge these to data streams together in a reliable and robust way.

This merged data is then used in a TensorFlow-based processing module that was developed by a Data Scientist, which purpose is to predict machine maintenance from the sensors’ inputs.

Data can then be published to dashboards or other third-party applications for proper visualization.

Lab Automation

Laboratory Automation is a key topic in various lab-powered industries such as pharmaceutics, healthcare, biotechnologies, cosmetics, etc.

Supported by the right tools and processes, lab automation endeavours can deeply transform businesses and enhance their performance in many operational fields, helping laboratory teams collect, clean, crunch experimental data to extract its full value potential.

Another main use for lab automation is “lab industrialization”: Ryax allows for full connectivity of lab equipment with IT ecosystems (even in remote and distributed contexts). Automatically generate and schedule instructions for all your laboratory equipment!

lab automation workflow

Gathering information from a wide range of sparsely connected data sources is a whole challenge in itself, though mandatory in a laboratory context where many systems coexist. The Ryax platform makes it simple to interconnect tablets and portable devices, dedicated instruments such as microscopes, oscilloscopes, various analyzers, specialized operating equipments like ultracentrifuges, diluters, and of course : Lab computers.

Such data pipelines may occur across highly-distributed infrastructural environments where data from remote laboratories needs to be processed locally and then reliably upstreamed to various locations including other labs, customer-specific databases, data lakes and central clouds. The Ryax platform abstracts these infrastructure layers and ensures robust and predictable data governance over the whole chain.

Efficient use of company resources is the last key pillar of such endeavours. Making sure workforces can decrease time spent on low-value workflows and foster valuable initiatives instead is essential to the sustainability of any lab project. Ryax natively provides a collaborative framework for lab teams to further elaborate lab processes together and benefit from each other’s skills and best practices. Companies can build a ‘module catalog’ in the Ryax Store, comprising built-in codeless processors as well as internal modules any lab technician can use, reuse and share to build efficient data processing workflows.