Backup Ryax with Velero

To create a backup of Ryax you can use Velero. The process describe here is base on the Velero FileStytemBackup that provides Persistent Volume backup in any Kubernetes installation.


  • Create a bucket on an S3 compatible storage (AWS, Minio, …)

  • Create a secret with write access to this bucket

  • Install Velero on your local machine


Be sure that your Kubernetes context point to the Ryax cluster you want to backup.

Put you credentials in a local file (replace with appropriate values):


Run this command to install Velero on your cluster (set storage url and region):

velero install \
--provider \
--bucket ryax-backups \
--plugins velero/velero-plugin-for-aws:v1.7.0 \
--backup-location-config s3Url=https://<S3_STORAGE_URL>,region=<S3_STORAGE_REGION> \
--use-volume-snapshots=false \
--use-node-agent \
--default-volumes-to-fs-backup \

Now, you should able to create a backup with:

velero backup create my-ryax-cluster --ttl 336h --default-volumes-to-fs-backup

If you want regular backup of your system, you can for example create a daily backup that runs every day at 3am which is kept for 2 weeks with:

velero schedule create daily-ryax-backup --schedule "0 3 * * *" --ttl 336h