Here is a list of words specific to Ryax. Use ctrl+f to look for a specific word.

Use case

Every use-case is a set of workflows answering specific business objectives


A set of modules linked to each other.

Deploy & Undeploy

When a workflow is deployed, then all of its modules are ready to do their job. Only a deployed workflow can generate executions.


A specific step of a defined worklfow. There are 4 types of modules: source, processor, and publisher. See Workflows, Modules, and executions for more details.


Modules that ingest data from the outside world. They are long-running processes triggering new workflow executions. For example, a source can be triggered every day at 6 pm or every time that an email arrives in a given mailbox.


These are stateless processes that compute things. They ingest data from upstream through their inputs and produce outputs added to the downstream.


Ryax is neither a database nor an archiving tool, then you need to push the use-case output wherever you may need it. That is the main purpose of a publisher - pushing data to external services, like a database or an online service for example.

Inputs and outputs

Modules have inputs and outputs, they are the data flowing in and out of the modules.

Standard modules

Ready-to-use modules on a Ryax instance.

Module store

Find all modules of your Ryax instance in the module store.


A set of isolated modules, workflows, users, repositories, and executions. Use projects to split workflows across your teams!

Module Execution

When a module is running. Once inputs have been pushed to the module, it is executed and generates some outputs.

Workflow Execution

The execution of the source module and all downstream modules.

Workflow Studio

Sometimes called the studio, it is the place where users can design workflows.


To add a module to Ryax, we use a system of code repositories.


Discover new use cases on our page:


Credits are the currency used across Ryax and are consumed for every use-case. The number of credits you have is determined by your subscription.

Ryax license

When using Ryax on an on-premise cluster, the credits system is not used. Instead, a license is bought. A valid license allows Ryax to run on a limited number of CPUs for a limited amount of time.


People who use Ryax. Most of the users can fit in one of these categories: Business user (in french, utilisateur métier), Creators (developers that design and implement workflows and modules), Instance administrators, and Cluster administrators.


A Ryax instance is a complete Ryax system running. It may hold many projects and users.

SaaS instance

Online version of a Ryax instance when logged into our website.

Server or Cluster

A server or a cluster is a set of machines connected. See, Wikipedia.


Running Ryax on-premise means that Ryax runs on a cluster supplied by the client. See, Wikipedia.


If Ryax were a car, Kubernetes would be the traffic regulations. A set of rules that allow Ryax to run many different clusters without trouble. See, Wikipedia.