Workflow runs start with a trigger, which listens for external events or user inputs (API calls, messages, database updates, etc). Then, the rest of the actions in the workflow can run in their defined order.

A workflow is composed of a trigger and 1 or more actions. The trigger starts a new run. Each action is executed according to the workflow configuration.

Triggers and actions are configured using inputs. Inputs are typed and can either be defined statically by the users by typing in a desired value. Alternatively, input values can be defined to take the output value of one of the upstream actions, or the trigger (as long as the output value and input value are of the same type).

A workflow has to be deployed to start new runs.

You can import new triggers and actions from the library menu. Ryax can be connected to git repositories to import new actions. Ryax scans the git repository to be able to build them ; once done, the action is imported in Ryax and can be used in your workflow!

Use case

Every use-case is a set of workflows answering specific business objectives


A trigger and a set of actions linked to each other.

Deploy & Undeploy

When a workflow is deployed, its trigger is running, some runs may be created.


A specific step of a defined worklfow. Actions that start a workflow are called trigger. See Workflows, Actions, and runs for more details.


Modules that ingest events and data from the outside world. They are long-running processes triggering new workflow runs.

Inputs and outputs

Actions have inputs and outputs, they are the data flowing in and out of the actions.

Module library

Find all actions of your Ryax instance in the module library.


A set of isolated actions, triggers, workflows, users, repositories, and runs. Use projects to split workflows across your teams!

Action Run

When an action recieve some inputs, it is executed to generate some outputs. We call this, an action run.

(Workflow) run

A run is the complete run of a workflow.

Workflow Studio

Sometimes called the studio, it is the place where users can design workflows.


To add a actions and triggers to Ryax, we use a system of code repositories.


People who use Ryax. Most of the users can fit in one of these categories: Business user (in french, utilisateur métier), Creators (developers that design and implement workflows and modules), Instance administrators, and Cluster administrators.


A Ryax instance is a complete Ryax system running. It may hold many projects and users.

SaaS instance

Online version of a Ryax instance when logged into our website.

Server or Cluster

A server or a cluster is a set of machines connected. See, Wikipedia.


Running Ryax on-premise means that Ryax runs on a cluster supplied by the client. See, Wikipedia.


If Ryax were a car, Kubernetes would be the traffic regulations. A set of rules that allow Ryax to run many different clusters without trouble. See, Wikipedia.