Create NodeJS Action

Ryax supports actions written in NodeJS. To create a NodeJS action you need a ryax_handler.js that exports a single function with a dict as input and a dict as output.

var uc = require('upper-case');

function handle(ryax_input) {
    output_str = uc.upperCase(ryax_input["input_str"]);
    return { "output_str" : output_str };
module.exports = handle;

It is mandatory to have the module.exports assigned to the function to allow ryax to find the entrypoint of your applicaiton, you can add more files and functions but you must export only a single function on file ryax_handler.js.

You can add dependencies in a packages.json file on the same directory.

 "name": "ryax_handler",
 "version": "1.1.1",
 "dependencies": {
  "upper-case": ""

Now create a ryax_metadata.yaml file where you define inputs and outputs with some description of your Ryax action and you’re done! Don’t forget to set the type to type: nodejs :)

apiVersion: ""
kind: Processor
  id: upper-case
  human_name: Transform a string into uppercase.
  type: nodejs
  version: "0.0.1"
  description: "NodeJS upper case string, test nodejs with npm dependencies"
  - Test
  - nodejs
    - help: input str
      human_name: input_str
      name: input_str
      type: string
    - help: output str
      human_name: output_str
      name: output_str
      type: string

You can see the complete example here