In Ryax, a project groups and control the visibility of workflows, actions, runs, repositories, and users. All resources within a project are only visible for users that are associated to that project.

Projects help you organize your resources allowing to show only the relevent workflows, actions, repositories for a group of people. This can significantly improve the user experience, a few useful examples of how projects can help to organize and manage your teams:

  • split teams across different projects, so each team has only access to what is relevant to them

  • group all your workflows by theme, client, or any relevant aspect you might think

  • separate test and production-oriented projects so developers and users have more freedom to experiment

  • create a personal project for each user, so they are free to learn and test Ryax

A user can be associated to several projects, at least one project is required per user. To do so use the project combobox at the top-left.

Project selection

Administrators can see all projects and assign users to many projects. Be careful, in some situations a user may end up being assigned to no project at all; in this case, the user will be unable to see any resource in Ryax. If this is the case ask an administrators to assign a project.

To create a project, you have to be an administrator. Click on the “Projects” menu, then click on the “New project” button in the top-right.

Project creation

To assign users to a project, click on the project name on the same page, and then click on the “Add user” button.

Project add user

At the moment, Ryax lacks the possibility to migrate a resources (like a workflow) from one project to another. If you need to do that, you can export the resource and import it on the other project.