Command Line Interface

The Ryax Command Line Interface, or Ryax CLI for short, is the swiss army knife for all your automation needs. Without going through the UI you can do CRUD operations on workflows and modules.


The CLI is in beta. It may change at any time.


You will need Ryax CLI to unleash the full power of Ryax. In most cases, you can install Ryax CLI by using pip3 as below.

pip3 install ryax_cli-latest-py3-none-any.whl


If you are having troubles downloading with wget just download from the link below.


Run Ryax CLI and check the help page.


If you have a command not found error, the installation did not work.





Print help, can be used with specific command.


URL to Ryax API, for instance, –server=


Show output in json instead of default human readable. Also accepts yaml.


Default is True, setting it to False will disable ssl verification, unsafe.


Send pass string as password to void prompting, requires –username.


Send user string as username to void prompting, requires –password.

Quick Reference

Commands fit 3 categories: Admin, Modules, and Workflows. We detail each category next. When output examples are present, the issued command line starts with a dollar sign ($) and the output is just below the command.


Administration commands can be used to login, manage users, or monitor the execution of workflows.

  • login : prompt for username and password, create a session file to avoid asking to login everytime.

$ ryax-cli --server= login
  • user : create, list, update, or delete users

    • Create user, will prompt for password

$ ryax-cli --server= user create username
  • List users

$ ryax-cli --server= user list
|                    id|   user|  role|             email|            comment|
| usr-1601469257-kwvf30| myuser| Admin||                   |
| usr-1601449386-cwsl5w|  user1| Admin|| Default admin user|
  • Delete user, need to provide user’s id

$ ryax-cli --server= user delete usr-1601449386-cwsl5w
Are you sure you want to delete user usr-1601469257-kwvf30? [n]|y: y
User usr-1601469257-kwvf30 was deleted!

NixOS Users

You might need a virtual environment to install ryax-cli avec pip. A virtual environment assures you can make changes without risking to populate your global python environment. If you are a user of nixos, here are two guides for sandboxing ryax-cli installation with venv and nix-shell.

  • venv

To create a virtual environment, type:

python3 -m venv ryax-crashcourse

Enter the directory to switch to the virtual environment.

cd ryax-crashcourse
  • nix-shell

If you like nix you can simulate a python venv using nix-shell, just copy the content below to file shell.nix.

with import <nixpkgs> {};
mkShell {
 name = "python-devel";
 venvDir = "venv";
 buildInputs = with python37Packages; [ 
 postShellHook = ''pip install `curl`''; }

To create a simulated venv with ryax-cli working, run the command below on the same location where the shell.nix file is.